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About Us

We are driven by the Sedna Spirit!

Sedna SystemAbout us


Founded in May 2004, Sedna System has become the Unique Advanced Real-Time Yacht Management System in the Worldwide Market, used by most of Fleet Operators and gathering the largest Brokers Worlwide Network.

But above of all, Sedna is a Team who has given Trust in this project and offered the Best to make it come true. And today, because we continue offering the Best, our clients give back their Trust on us:

This is the virtuous circle of our success!


  • Strive for Quality & Excellence
  • Lead by Loyalty and Trust
  • Customer Satisfaction is Priority
  • Great Support at any level
  • Be Up to Date & Respectful
  • Realize Value of Teamwork
  • Focus on the Future Goals
  • Take Challenge to any Status
Eric Ahuir
Founder & CEO

Eric Ahuir is in charge of the strategic development of Sedna. He has worked with the worldwide charter leaders for over 10 years (Stardust, Sunsail) as Sales Manager for Europe. His experience has been invaluable in setting up the Sedna system.

Sedna Associates

In the Best, we Trust!

Cyril Le Moing
Chief Financial Officer / CFO

Cyril Le Moing is in charge of the financial department. His extensive knowledge of fleet market and his sense of customer service offer key insights for the continued improvement of Sedna system.

Bruno Simoes
Sedna Architect

Bruno Simoes is in charge of the programming of Sedna system. He has a Master degree in IT and has worked for ‘Aerospatial’ in the French weapon system department. His skills and determination make him an essential keystone of the team.