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Whether you have your own system or you start your business, your first goal is to catch Leads Interest by sending them as fast as possible nice, customized and professional proposals with all data updated in real-time.

Sedna Proposal is the unique Proposal tool in the Market that offers comprehensive customization features along with beautiful and well-designed email templates.

Proposal List

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Core Features

Action Buttons

Manage directly from the proposal list: use filters to narrow down the search results and click anywhere on a result line to get the action buttons!

With Sedna Tracking, get relevant data for your sales follow-up, such as: number of people who have seen the proposal, country, date and time of opening…

Proposal Statistics

This feature provides you with detailed usage statistics for you to deepen your sales analysis.

Custom Settings

Custom Texts

Use this powerful feature to create templates of proposals with customized texts and languages. Automate data by using attributes in the texts to save more time.

Custom Banners

Sedna offers you a banners gallery to highlight the header & footer of proposals but you can upload your own banners to fully customize.

Fleet Informations

This feature enables agents to give pricing and practical details to their clients. By filling in the data given by the operators, they will automatically appear in the proposals.

Document Library

You can save time and gain efficiency uploading all your files in the Document Library, ready to be attached to proposals sent to your clients.

Proposal List
Proposal List

Edition Tool

Easy and Intuitive Ergonomics!

Core Features


Manage here all the data that appear in the quotations: boat and base information, pricing with discounts, extras, boat damage deposit, security insurance…

Add a Boat

Use this feature to promptly add a boat (a quotation) to the proposal. There are three ways to do so: from the cart, from our Search Engine, or by inserting a new boat (if you don’t find what you need in our system.)

Email Info

Manage or check your email before sending it to your client: language and text template, banners, quotation template with a translation tool if you prefer using your own words in the quotation.

Simultaneous Changes


You can add discounts to all the quotations in the same time. You can choose for each one in which value you would want them to be displayed (amount or percentage.)

Nb of Pax

Use this tool to add the number of passengers to all the quotations in the same time.

Extras Changes

You can modify or add extras to all the quotations in the same time. The system provides you with precise items per extra so you can easily define them in details.

Quotation Ranking

Use this feature to modify the display ranking of the quotations. It is very easy to do so: you just need to drag-and-drop the quotations!

Edition Tool
Edition Tool

Sedna Proposal Pricing

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Yearly Subscription


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  • Unlimited Users in company
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  • Sedna Feedback tool

COMBO Subscription

9 / per month

  • For Sedna App clients only
  • Unlimited Users in company
  • All Sedna Fleet
  • All Features
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  • Sedna Feedback tool

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